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Hospitality Exchange Made Right.

Free couch surfing social hospitality exchange network, where everyone is welcome to continue with the spirit and philosophy of the old times. Stay or Host people from different cultures and places.

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There is a better way to travel the world

Find local people to stay with. Make new friends, create memories together.

Someone you don't know yet is waiting to host you

Find people like you around the globe and request to stay with them. They may be strangers now, but soon they can become your friends.

  • Profiles References

    Profiles reviews from the community that help you make decisions about who you host or who you stay with.

  • People like you

    Find people who share the same values and hobbies. You like coffee and want to stay with coffee connoisseurs? You like to dance and want to stay with people who dance? You got it.

  • Isn't just for solo backpackers!

    Find other couples, groups of friends or families with children. Say goodbye to single profiles. Using our search engine, you can filter by the different types of households.

Explore the world with a local friend

Your adventure starts here.

  • Go deeper

    Thanks to your host you will get a better understanding of the place you visit. Move from the tourist scene and go deeper with every destination.

  • Go local

    Learn about all the hidden spots, what scams to avoid or find the best food. Stay away from the tourist traps. Your local new friend will tell you all about it.

Open your home to your soon-to-be friends for life

Get requests from people that know about you and your rules. Host surfers that share the same values, hobbies, and understand your lifestyle.

  • Kindness is our way

    We won't tolerate any rude behavior and we will ban forever anyone who breaks the rules. Be kind and nice to everyone.

  • Get requests from people like you

    Filter the type of couch requests you get. Do you only want to host families? No problem. There is a filter for everyone. Use your time only to answer the people that fit with your lifestyle.

  • Safety is our priority

    We will design the site to avoid bad experiences, and we will give all the time and resources to give this our best shot.

Maybe you are wondering...

Who is behind this project?

In 2009 I traveled to Australia and used Couchsurfing for the first time. I met the most amazing people, traveled the country by car, and camped in the wild for weeks.

It wouldn't have been possible without meeting the right people through Couchsurfing. Over the years, I found it hard to repeat the same experience. I felt the community had changed. And I was missing it every single day. To me, Couchsurfing was one of the best places on the Internet.

I am José León, a Spanish software developer with more than ten years of experience building websites. And If you support this cause, I will try to bring back the lost spirit that we loved about letting strangers sleep on your couch.

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